What do our satisfied clients have to say?
  •            I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Valerie Davis on two highly successful literary projects.  The first, Museums of Atlanta, sold the most copies of any museum guide in Westholme Publishing acclaimed series.  The second, Hot Times During the Cold War, was selected to be included in Operation Military Brat, the recognized canon of literary works on the military "brat" experience.  Valerie's insight, vision, and literary instinct lift a manuscript to a whole new level.  She is highly collaborative yet firm on making the right changes to create the best possible finished product.  Her technical knowledge and attention to detail are second to none.  I am extremely grateful I had the opportunity to work with her.  The success of my two projects says it all.  I can't wait to work with her again!      --SH
  •           My editor not only saw where my novel needed improvement, but was able to tell me exactly how to accomplish significant strengthening -- and all by small tweaks here and there.  This was so much more encouraging than the generic advice I had received in the past.     --CB
  •         Priscilla has given me wonderful assistance in both the writing and editing of my manuscripts.  The love she has for writing and her knowledge of the scriptures has made it a joy to work with her as she has helped me to express with clarity the message I carry.     --NL
  •      What did I value about the weekend?  1) the relaxed and flexible pace   2)  a chance to connect with other writers.  I don’t encounter such creatures in my normal life.  3) one on one time with an experienced writer who has much to teach me.  4) the transparency of the other participants.  5) the wonderful setting and gracious hostess.  And not having to cook, clean or do wash for three days!        --KD
  •       As a novice fiction writer, I didn’t know what to expect when I contacted the Writer’s Manor.  What I received was mentoring, practical advice, encouragement, and a greatly improved manuscript. They  got my creative juices flowing again when they had dried up and helped me turn average into excellent by pushing me up several notches in wordsmithing.  Like good parents, they loved my manuscript enough to expect more of it.  A word aptly written makes an incredible difference. I would recommend every writer to call The Writer’s Manor. --KD