Sleeping Giant

Posted by Priscilla on October 13, 2011

There has been a lot of noise in the public square the last few years.  The real America.  My values.  Our founding fathers.  Take back your country.  But it always seemed to me that the opinions attributed to hundreds of thousands of Americans were really held by only a few.  A very noisy few, to be sure.  Where were the vast crowds of American people who went to work every day in city offices , who grew tomatoes in the back yard and watched the Daily Show, who made friends with neighbors who looked different?  They were out there, right?

This last month, the sleeping giant has begun to stretch:  first the fingers wiggled in New York City, followed by the toes in Los Angeles.  The chin quivered in Philly and suddenly, in seventy-two towns and cities across the land, the giant was awake, silent no more.


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Reflections Debuts

Posted by Priscilla on September 30, 2011

Reflections celebrates the word as the most powerful force in human society.  We consider how the word changes us and how we change words to create something out of what seems to be nothing.  We hope our blog will interest writer and reader alike.  Most of all, we hope to strike up thoughtful discourse about whatever is on our hearts and in our minds on any given day.  What do you think?

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Wild Goose Chase

Posted by Priscilla on July 29, 2011

Wild Goose Chase 

                In my current WIP (work in progress, for you non-writers), a young slave, Samson, carves birds in his spare time.  His birds look like they are breathing.  He loves his birds.  All his dreams are bound up in his birds, for they will help him buy his freedom, he thinks.  One day, while out in the marshes, he sees a darkness spreading across the north sky.  The darkness grows larger the nearer it comes.  So large and so dark that it hides the light of the sun, the darkness frightens him.  He cannot hear the birds or the insects.  The animals have run.  What is it?

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