A Rose by Any Other Name

Posted by admin on July 25, 2013

roses2.jpgWould smell as sweet. So said Juliet. Or Shakespeare, I presume. Shakespeare assumes that the thingness of a thing arises from its material self. I’m not so sure I agree. The key to identity may just be in the name after all.

This week, we learned that the new prince of Cambridge is named George. I would never name a child George, but then I would never name a child Hazel, either, yet people do. Names have meaning and something more than meaning. They have feel. Gut feel and mouth feel.

Consider George and Hazel.

George means farmer or earthworker from the Greek. This is perfectly respectable, although perhaps a young prince could have a more aristocratic name. The feel of the name probably appealed to his parents more than the meaning, and feel differs from culture to culture. George, while #166 in popularity in the U.S., is up at #12 in the U.K. George reminds Brits of Saint George the dragon slayer. It carries, for them, the feel of knights in armor, great warriors, and salvation. For Americans? 

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What's in a Blog?

Posted by Priscilla on July 22, 2013

What do I look for in a blog?

With little time left after running through all my roles in a day, I look for blogs that do four things: 

1)      Cause me to think about something in a new way

2)      Give me practical advice

3)      Give me thoughtful, wise commentary on life

4)  Speak truth with grace

Below are a few of the blogs I like to read

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Give and Take

Posted by admin on July 18, 2013

giver2.jpgAre you a Giver -- or a Taker? How do you know? If your career success depended on being one or the other, which type would give you the better leg up? Why?

Twice last week, I read of Adam Grant’s new book, Give and Take. Did you know that in the workplace (when it comes to our careers) we tend toward taking or giving? And that one way of relating is always more successful than the other? So which one are you?

Grant recognizes, of course, that most of us fall somewhere on a spectrum between the two. His explanation of the extremes is useful in helping us understand our own approach to our careers. According to Grant, TAKERS

  • Are competitive
  • Believe they need to be better  than others in order to succeed
  • Are cautious and self-protective
  • Self-promote and make sure they get credit for what they do
  • Like to get more than they give
  • Help others when the benefit to themselves outweighs their personal cost

GIVERS, he says

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Can You Hear Me?

Posted by admin on July 16, 2013

ear.jpgNo gift is more valuable than the honor we give to another person by listening. As I look around at the world, and as I follow social media, I realize again that very few of us are willing to give that gift.

The Trayvon  Martin case is but the latest example of the hardening of minds and hearts. People across the board, whether religious or secular, black or white, male or female, are quick to express opinions and post their views. We speak out of our own experience, as of course we must. But we speak without knowledge.

Almost two thousand years ago, James, a brother of Jesus of Nazareth, admonished his followers to be “swift to hear and slow to speak.” Would that we could take those words to heart.

Why listen?

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