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Block (bläk) n

Posted by Priscilla on September 19, 2013

Block (bläk) n.  (1) a barrier (2) an obstacle to the normal progress or functioning of something


Is it possible that my brain has dried up? More probable: there are way too many things to think about, too many circumstances to react to. My mind has begun to fibrillate.

I want to react to mass shootings in D.C.  (Why, oh why do we insist on having guns as our toys?)

I want to react to possible military strikes in Syria (Please, not another war).

I want to react to the accident yesterday when I started through an intersection and hit the car that ran a red light (Okay. Okay then. These things happen) and to the fact that the other woman’s police report said that I ran the red light (Really? You lied?)

I want to react to leaks in the house and college bills in the mail (Maybe if I ignore them they’ll go away?)

There’s more, of course.  The troubles that visit others don’t bypass us. Turmoil without and turmoil within lead inexorably to brain fibrillation.

Some people call it exhaustion; others call it depression. Writers call it  “block.” 


Whatever we call it, there are times when creativity is stopped in its tracks. We can’t think. We can’t write. We can’t paint. Are we just wimps? Some writers would have a think so.  They never get writers block, they claim. They never struggle with creativity. Most of us are not so lucky.

According to that most respected of sources, Wikipedia (!), writers become blocked for any number of reasons.

“Writer's block may have many or several causes. Some are essentially creative problems that originate within an author's work itself. A writer may run out of inspiration. The writer may be greatly distracted and feel he or she may have something that needs to be done beforehand. A project may be fundamentally misconceived, or beyond the author's experience or ability.”

Want some solutions to being blocked?  Check out this article: http://io9.com/5844988/the-10-types-of-writers-block-and-how-to-overcome-them

Want to never be blocked again? Here are some answers: http://www.positivityblog.com/index.php/2009/02/18/writers-block/


Did I not say my brain was fibrillating? Blocked creativity this time, then, is a result of stress. Trying to run the world. Trying to control outcomes. Doing too much. Worry. Is there a solution?


My solution is to give the work over to another day, then give the circumstances over to God. At some point, probably in the shower some morning, my brain will slip back into normal rhythm, the ideas will come, and the words will flow. And what a joy that will be.

What do you think?




Posted by Eileen Rife on
Writer's block . . . nah . . . your stress just inspired a wonderful piece, Priscilla!
Posted by Janet Erickson on
I've been missing your blog and wondered if you were stymied by something, perhaps the circumstances of life. Funny, the shower has always been a good place for my brain synapses to synapse. Maybe a walk in the rain? Standing in front of an open hydrant?
Whatever, we're with you, thankful for you, and looking forward to the next blog. Btw... this one is right on!
Posted by Erin Unger on
The best place for me to free up writer's block is a good walk. I like to start it with a little prayer, and then concentrate on the central problem as I wander through God's beautiful world.
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