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Cake or How Many Eggs Do You Have to Break?

Posted by Priscilla on May 27, 2013

I made my niece’s wedding cake. It took me several weeks of baking layer after layer, slicing off lopsided tops, freezing, crumb coating, freezing again, slicing off edges, recrumb coating after the frosting slid off, icing, smoothing, decorating the edges with a Wilton Number 10 tip, and adding flowers to produce what you see above.

I’m not a professional baker. I never learned to decorate cakes. But Elia’s wedding cake looks great, don’t you think? And the wedding guests gave it rave reviews for outstanding taste.

All this cake baking reminds me of life.  You see, I only hinted at the failures that went into this cake. 


The real story was one crisis after another. Oven racks were too shallow, serrated knives too short. Hands were too unsteady, hand-eye coordination too weak. Cake separators were too big, humidity too high. The cake was a mess. Some layers were in pieces, others sank in the middle. At each crisis, I had to figure out a way to take a cake with issues and turn it into something beautiful. So I shaved and patted and filled and covered. When I changed design, I squeezed and rolled and cut. A little tuck here, a little pinch there, and soon the cake began to resemble Wedding Cake.

Messy cakes are nothing compared to broken and lopsided lives. But I have found that even the messes of life can end up in beauty if we let ourselves be cut and patted, squeezed and filled. Sit under the hand of the master baker. Let the crises be redemptive.  

Oh, one thing more. My cake looked good when I finished with the icing, but it was not complete. It needed flowers. Since I am no artist, I was at a loss.

Until the miracle.                                                                                                             

Who should “happen” to be hanging around, but the artist wife of a professional baker. She arranged the flowers you see on the cake. I could turn mess into good, but I needed her help to turn good into beautiful. Every time a friend comes alongside side us to lift us up, to bless us, we see the same miracle. It’s as if our friend reaches out her fairy godmother wand and turns our grey life into living color.

So what does this mean for the writer?

I think it means this: embrace the failures of life. Accept the mess, for it is out of chaos that beauty and order come. It is your task, our task, to be the miracle for other people through our sight and through our words.

What do you think?



Posted by mary connolly on
Oh my Gosh! I just happened to mention to a massage therapist that I USED to wallpaper. Then yesterday with my own private key I entered into a torture chamber; her place to clean up the mess I left the night before. I scraped several very little pieces of the old wallpaper to the floor but the remainder still curled right on the wall in defiance.

Early yesterday I came armed with vacuum, wallpaper remover and sandpaper. When I left it was not perfect but complete. What looked like a disaster did not look too bad.

Your wedding cake duplicates my experience.

Keep them coming.
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