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Thrills -- or Stress?

Posted by Priscilla on June 25, 2013

Sunday night, millions of people from over 100 countries watched a daring man walk across the Grand Canyon on a wire about the size of my wrist. The key piece of information is that the wire was suspended 1500 feet above the canyon floor. My son was one of the millions watching. I refused.

My son watched because he was fascinated by the man’s talent and daring. He was sure Wallenda would succeed. I refused to watch because if there is any chance at all that someone is going to die in front of me, I do not want to see it.


Some people thrive on thrills. Death defying acts make life more exciting. Trying new things makes life livable. Watching others challenge the odds supports their vision of what life should be, what their own life should be.   These people see an accident unfold in front of them and jump out of their cars to save lives.

I am not in that camp.

. I’m sure there are other millions who agree with me. We like calm. We like safety. We like to ensure that nothing bad will happen. We see an accident unfold in front of us and freeze, helpless statues of compassion. Oh, we do call 911, though. That we can do.

Which group values life the most?

I’m not even going to answer that question. You figure it out.

What I will say is this: one man’s thrill is another’s stress.

So what does this mean for the writer?

Just like all others, some writers go for the thrill. Others avoid it at all costs. Yes, this will affect your writing. How? How about

  1. How willing are you to go to the dark places of your life?
  2. How willing are you to throw away and rip up great writing?
  3. How willing are you to admit to weakness?
  4. How willing are you to write?
  5. How willing are you to finish writing one story, one essay, one poem?
  6. How willing are you to send your writing out to five, ten, twenty agents?
  7. How willing are you to collect thirty, forty, fifty rejections?
  8. How willing are you to succeed?

What do you think?



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