How do I properly format my manuscript?  That is the burning question.  Although there are some industry standards, many agents and editors have their own opinions on minutia like "How many spaces go after a period?" or "Should I indicate a scene break with three centered asterisks or a left justified pound sign?"  We wish we could give you all the answers -- definitively.  But as we said, there is disagreement in the industry. 

If you are writing non-fiction, consult the appropriate style guide for your subject matter (MLA Handbook, APA, Chicago Manual, and so on).  If you write fiction, here are a few links to check out.

From Randy Ingermanson's blog, Advanced Fiction Writing:

From The Editor's Blog:

From Cathy C on AbsoluteWriteWaterCooler: › ... › Welcome to the Water Cooler

The most important job you have in formatting is to check out your agent's (or editor's) website.  Please follow their guidelines whatever they are.