Books We Love:

1.  From Where You Dream by Robert Olen Butler is our favorite book on crafting literature.  The author, both novelist and teacher, inspires us to push beyond "good enough" to "great" by explaining how to write from the unconscious to create art.  He does not insult with generic advice, but shows the writer specific steps to take.  In an interview about his own writing, he said "Fiction is an art form of human yearning, of desire. Each of theses stories manifests desire. They were also written from the artist’s impulse to find order behind the apparent chaos of life. A writer articulates a vision of order out of chaos, in an object that exists in the moment, through the senses. But this is done without a pre-conceived idea or effect in mind. Creating the art object is, for the artist, as much an act of exploration as it is of expression."

2.  Forget what you wrote yesterday?  The Successful Novelist by David Morrell is a great resource for listening to your story and allowing your story to tell you where to go next.  The thing that I appreciate about this book is Morrell's suggestion about getting into writing every day.  He writes himself letters to direct his writing for that day.  I did this, and it transformed my daily approach to writing my novel.

3. Carol Bly's A Passionate Accurate Story encourages writers to identify and use their deep core values to write beauty and truth.