Writing Retreats

St. Michael's Manor is open year round for personal retreats.  In leafy East Oak Lane (Philadelphia), the Manor is the perfect spot to meet the muse.

Group Writing Retreats are held bi-monthly from September through March on the 3rd weekend of the month.  We provide both space and time for a serious writing weekend whether you need to finish an edit or begin a novel.  Evenings are for brainstorming, group critiques, or relaxing.  Weekend rate:  $150 includes 5 meals.


     Comprehensive Writing and Editorial Services

     Whether you need to organize the flow of thought or turn weak, workaday prose into words that sing, The Writers' Manor can help. Even better, you get three minds for the price of one, as Allan, Valerie, and Priscilla confer on your writing project.

     Choose the service that best fits your writing project:
Ghostwriting  and Editing Rates
        BASIC:  When you have the ideas and the words for your book but need help with the editing and polishing.  You are the only author listed. Hourly rate only:  $40-$50.
        INTERMEDIATE:  When you have the ideas, but need help with the words and with editing.  Our name follows the word "with." Hourly rate: $60.  Project rate: $8000 to $25,000 depending on project.  30% royalties.
       ADVANCED:  When you need help with the ideas, the words, and the polishing.  Our name follows the word "and." Project rate only:  $15,000 to $60,000 depending on the nature of the project.  50% royalties.
       COPY EDITING/LINE EDITING:  We will edit chapters or entire manuscripts. 

$5 to $10 per page

       CRITIQUING:  We will  provide you a written critique of up to 50 pages of your manuscript.

$5 to $10 per page


      What does your manuscript need to cross the finish line?  Our coaching service is perfect for the writer who has finished a third or fourth draft.   We provide creative and developmental editing through Finish Line Book Therapy.  In addition to one-on-one phone conversations with your editor, we will provide a detailed, written report of your manuscript's strengths and weaknesses, as well as suggestions for improvement.

      The fee for Book Therapy services is $750. If you choose, you may purchase our line-editing services along with Book Therapy. Our rates for line-editing are by the page or the hour. See the above rate schedule for details.

     Questions? Contact us for more information.